Welcome on the Website of StyrianOak !

I'm a long-time computer- and musicfan and want to present some details to my Facebook-musicgroup MusicFavs on this site.

What can I show you here:

  • A little bit of personalinfo about me
  • Evaluations from MusicFavs: Most liked songs, most liked artists ...
  • YouTube-playlists built from postings in MusicFavs
  • A few links which seem to be of interest (for me)
  • Galaxians online (who remembers this old video game ??)

So have fun by poking around here {8-)

And a little petition : If you order something on Amazon, please do me the favour and use the Amazon-banner on the right of this website ... then I will get a small bonus for your order - thank you very much in advance!

 Me&BM 300Klaus Reisenhofer, aka StyrianOak


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