About this website

Since 2014 I have a music group in Facebook, where I and like-minded post our favorite music. From the postings in this group I make statistics and YouTube playlists.

I would like to especially promote this music group here for non-Facebook friends - display the most popular artists and songs, display videos and playlists ...

The website is realized with Joomla 3, the evaluations I have programmed in VB.Net.

I would like to mention here the building blocks used and to thank all persons and companies whose programs, extensions ... - mostly freeware - I have used in my website - and apologize at the same time if I forgot to mention an extension used.

  • CMS
  • CMS-Extensions
  • Tools
    • XAMPP, for local creation and testing of the site
    • FileZilla, free FTP program to transfer the data from the local development environment to the productive site
    • TinyPNG, online tool for compressing PNGs and JPGs
  • Sonstiges

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