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 Select songs

 Here you can select one of the following song-lists:

  • Newest  songs: The last posted songs in the group
  • Favorite songs: The songs with the most points since starting of the group, the last posted song with this title will be played
  • Shuffled songs: Random songs
  • Favorite artists: The artists with the most points since starting of the group, the last posted song from this artist will be played

 Select single videos or playlists

With Single videos only the current song will be played, with Playlists all the songs of the current page will be played

 Browse in the list

Every song-page or playlist contains 10 to 25 songs depending on the screen resolution. With "", "" you can scroll a single page forwards or backwards, with "", "" you reach the first or last page of songs.


Here the selected song or playlist will be played with the YouTube player.

 List of songs

In the display variant single videos the songs of the current page are displayed here. Clicking on a song plays it in the player. For each song, the number of posts and the calculated points are displayed next to the songname (= artist + song).



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